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2023/24 eclectic experimentals | realitites

In "REALITIES," 18 fashion design students of the department of textile and fashion design at Izmir University of Economics showcase their mini collections of four looks each, reflecting their unique creative visions. Delving into the shadowy realms of human consciousness, some pieces blend dark dreams and historical influences with a surreal touch, revealing the depths of imagination. Others capture the essence of human vulnerability and emotion, or draw from nature and modern design, blending organic patterns with contemporary aesthetics. The collections celebrate individual experiences, personal narratives and a unique design language, demonstrating fashion's power as a medium for self expression. In "REALITIES" each collection tells a story, as well as of the universe at large, but also of the intimate, often unseen realities that shape our lives, hopes and dreams.

Jörn Fröhlich, course coordinator





2023/24 innovation through inspiration

This graduation project showcases the works of 17 students from the Textile and Fashion Design Department at Izmir University of Economics.

Under the guidance of Coordinator Jörn Fröhlich and Assoc.Prof. Arzu Vuruşkan, the students have designed their creative collections.

Each collection consists of a minimum of four unique looks, each crafted under a specific theme.

The choice of materials and styles was entirely free, resulting in an impressive variety – from streetwear and experimental couture to high fashion and medieval inspirations.

Jörn Fröhlich, course coordinator





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