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CONFLUENCE OF GAZES | digital collage series


"Confluence of Gazes," explores the intricate interplay of gender and sexuality within Islamic societies, with an ironic focus on the treatment of diversity. At its heart lie two powerful digital photomontages, serving as a focal point for this contemplative journey.


By juxtaposing anonymous (slightly disfigured) female bodies with male portraits adorned in resplendent Ottoman attire, tension and harmony overlap. This visual synthesis encapsulates the nuances embedded in the perception of the opposite gender, while draped in historically significant garments with reference to the Middle and Far East.


The works delve into the complexity of gender dynamics and the manner in which sexuality is lived as opposed to comprehended in these societies. It invites to challenge stereotypes and gain insight into the depth of cultures.


"Confluence of Gazes" extends an invitation to transcend biases and proves enriching for those seeking a profound understanding of the entwining of gender, sexuality, and cultural heritage.

by Jörn Fröhlich 2023


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