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fabrics from industrial surplus

RECONNECT | sustainable fashion collection by Jörn Fröhlich


Globally dominant structures are consuming our planet, fueling unprecedented overconsumption for quick profits and regional gains. Ignoring the signs of the times, these structures cause an increase in disaster, death and destruction. This not only burdens the environment, but also the human soul and creativity.

“RE-CONNECT” combines philosophies of respect and appreciation for the vital resources of nature on the one hand and tranquility on the other.

Its focus is on giving back rather than taking, encouraging slow mindfulness rather than rapid growth.

The entire design process is an experiment to RE-CONNECT with personal intuition and not to create under pressure of time, expectations and performance.

Serial leftovers of the textile industry such as collars, shoulder pads, lining and fabric waste are collected. After careful consideration, these materials are combined to form organic shapes in harmony with and for the human body.

Sewing, embroidery and other techniques are mainly done by hand. Thus, the connected waste materials create a habitat for contemplative, intuitive design that brings industrial matter and personal creativity back to life.

The end result is estimated to be at least three experimental costumes and the creative process is documented in a diary.

design and pattern-making: Jörn Fröhlich

seamstress: Filiz Bulut | photographer: Ersan Celiktas


Atlas Pavillon, Izmir, Turkey: 15.06.2022

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