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HAIRsustainable and COVID-19-compatible* scenography by Jörn Fröhlich

*reduction from 60 to 20 artists (solo, choir and musicians) | all persons with 150cm distance to each other

Excerpt from the program-booklet:



In the context of the current environmental debates, the State Theater Marburg - HLTM would like to set an example.

Costume and stage designer Jörn Fröhlich @ (CABARET, MACBETH) has been pursuing the use of environmentally friendly principles in his academic teaching and artistic work since 2010. He started this production curious about the extent to which a sustainable design approach in terms of artistic freedom, budget and human resources can be pursued at the HLTM in terms of


UPCYCLING | Reworking of existing materials

FLEXIBILITY | Creation of reusable design solutions

NATURE | Use of ecological and biodegradable raw materials

RECYCLING | Use of reusable products

FAIR TRADE | Conscious shopping


The beginning was the re-use of the music stage element from former production LEONCE UND LENA, whose rights of use were kindly made available by the set designer Gabriela Neubauer. The recycling of existing stage materials, rented Euro-pallets and the production of an oversized chandelier from PET recyclable  bottles enabled a resource-conscious workflow. In addition, more than 170 small props such as plates, terrines and helmets were made from paper mache.


The costumes were collected in a fundraising campaign and supplemented with vintage pieces. The cleaning with ozone and the addition of accessories took place in the HLTM taking into account environmentally friendly aspects. Handmade jewelry and hand-woven textiles made from peace-silk and organic cotton were purchased directly and fairly from local businesses in Turkey. Products and deliveries from major Internet service providers were largely avoided.


In summary, this contribution can be understood as a trend-setting example in terms of sustainable and responsible thinking and acting in the field of theater."

It is the end of the 1960s in new york and the United States are not united at all. With over half a million Americans fighting overseas in Vietnam, protesting on the homefront is increasing every day. Upon his arrival in the big city, the young man Claude Hooper Bukowski is overwhelmed by the completely fresh new hippie counter-culture: free love, revolutionary thoughts, and revolting against the bourgeoise establishment. But, eventually, duty calls, and he is drafted into the army to go and fight the Vietcong, creating a deep sense of inner conflict brought on by his newly opened mind. If you love to sing along with hits like “Aquarius” and “Let the Sunshine In”, if you like to dream of peace – join us for a lovely summer’s eve, and get into the groove.

HAIR musical, Gerome Ragni, James Rado, Galt McDermot

directed by: Carola Unser

musical director: Christian Keul

chorepgraphy: Sophia Guttenhöfer

stage and costume design: Jörn Fröhlich

stage and costume design assistance: Klara Kessler 

directors assistance: Thessa Wähmann

photography: Jan Bosch


HLTM, Hessisches Landestheater Marburg, Germany

premiere: 12.06.2021

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