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fashion business studio | graduation project | course content and project coordination by Jörn Fröhlich

izmir university of economics | faculty of fine arts & design | dept. of fashion &  textile design

2026/17 brand design and visual merchandising concept

The fashion business graduation project of 2016/17 is a joint venture on the overall aspects of visual design in fashion retail branding and marketing. This interdisciplinary approach allows the students to understand their works in a wider design context.

The students were challenged to create their own commercial fashion brand by considering a specific market segment, target market and target group.

Carefully selecting their merchandise in terms of quality, quantity, style and price the students continued to develop their visual brand identity, which expanded from logo to campaign, retail to webdesign and visual merchandising.

Bringing all of these aspects together the students created, a brand booklet, a website for an online shop, an opening campaign and a window display.

Jörn Fröhlich | course coordinator

Midterm project: exercise marketing campaign

Students were challenged to design a marketing campaign for a fashion brand of their choice under theme of "mother´s day" and document the design process in a non digital sketch book.

© Fulden Kumsal

© Simay Esmek

© Gözde Yildiz

Midterm project: exercise brand portfolio

Students were challenged to choose a market segment and develop a suitable fashion and lifestyle brand. The brands booklets show their brand architecture including visual marketing, retail design and architecture, vm concept, campaign & webdesign.

© Fulden Kumsal

© Simay Esmek

© Gözde Yildiz

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