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I am a visual artist with experience in theater, exhibition design, visual merchandising and fashion retail.

I also tapped into the expertise of commercial visual design and started lecturing at Izmir University of Economics in the department of fashion and textile design.

My non-profit project NONFASTFASHION.COM represents a sustainable approach to fashion design by using surplus fabrics only.

genuine design

- stage design

- costume design

- visual merchandising

Stamp_nonfastfashion copy.jpg

fashion design

- non commercial

- slow fashion



visual design

- branding

- print and web

- wayfinding

My professional background

1994-1997 Vocational training in female costume tailoring | journeymen's certificate

State Theatre of Darmstadt, Germany


1997-2002 Masters degree in costume design | university diploma

Berlin University of Fine Arts (UdK) , Germany


2002-2005 Production manager in costume design

Rheinoper Düsseldorf, Germany

2005-2007 Visual merchandising manager

Breuninger Dept. Store in Stuttgart, Germany

since 2007 Founder of JOFRO.COM | freelance design works in

stage, costume, fashion, retail & exhibition design, visual merchandising, corporate ID


since 2010 Lecturer Faculty of Fine Arts & Design | Dept. of Fashion & Textile Design

Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

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