Hello, my name is Jörn

I am a freelance interdisciplinary designer based in Berlin with experience in theater, exhibition design, visual merchandising and fashion retail.

In addition I tapped into the expertise of commercial visual design and started lecturing at Izmir University of Economics in the department of fashion and textile design...

... and sorry, I hardly update my Instagram (my bad)!

               My services include

genuine designs

- stage & costume design

- sustainable fashion design

- visual merchandising concepts


visual designs

- branding

- print and web

- signage and wayfinding

My professional background

1994-1997 Vocational training in female costume tailoring | journeymen's certificate

State Theatre of Darmstadt, Germany


1997-2002 Masters degree in costume design | university diploma

Berlin University of Fine Arts (UdK) , Germany


2002-2005 Production manager in costume design

Rheinoper Düsseldorf, Germany

2005-2007 Visual merchandising manager

Breuninger Dept. Store in Stuttgart, Germany

since 2007 Founder of JOFRO.COM | freelance design works in

stage / costume design, retail & exhibition design, visual merchandising, corporate ID


since 2010 Lecturer Faculty of Fine Arts & Design | Dept. of Fashion & Textile Design

Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

email has been succesfully sent

Gülay Korkut, costume director

Birgit Wentsch, costume director

Gabriele Vargas, head of costume dept.

Birgit Nonn, Thomas Best, artistic director

Walter Menzlaw, artistic director

Olaf Strieb, director

Carola Unser and Eva Lange, directors

Anna Weber, director

Dirk Uboreck, Head of VM

Anja Pangerl, Partner

Tina Daamen, Head of style and VM

Jörg Baumann, Marketing Manager

Jochen Streintz, Head of VM

Marion Strecker, Head of Marketing and Communication

Omar Omeirat, Head of style and VM

Marc Rauschen, Owner

Bodo Andrin, Owner

Sonja Baumgartner, Owner

Ekaterina Zinoveva, Head of VM

Mine Merkit, Head of retail design