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Spring cleaning | costume design by Jörn Fröhlich

"Spring Cleaning"​

costume design: Jörn Fröhlich

costume assistant: Cansu İncesu

tailor: Filiz Bulut

photographer: Ersan Çeliktaş

models with courtesy of safak-fisek-agency, izmir

hats and accessories: Dilek Himam, Elif Tekcan


13.03.-30.03.2017 AASSM in Izmir, Turkey

PRESS RELEASE (translation)

"When my design space was piled up with materials, I decided to do a spring cleaning. As an experienced costume designer and skilled couture tailor I transformed vintage clothes, leftover fabrics and scraps from my students, used upholstry fabrics and home textiles into dramatic new clothes. All of the above with a touch of spring symbolized by hand-dyed fabric flowers complemeting each of my creations in an individual style inspired by traditional turkish costumes.


As opposed to simply upcycling vintage clothes, this project relied on varying proportions and discovering new combinations by relating the unrelated. If three mantras could describe this collection they would be „MORE IS MORE“, „ANYTHING GOES“ and „POOR TO RICH“.


In the spirit of Arte Povera these looks out of fabric remnants hover between art and artisanal leading, whereas the inclusion of 19th century corsetery gives a flair of the american wild west as an intentional mash-up of eastern and western culture.


This project aims not to judge a single piece of ragged fabric as „fit or unfit“, but instead finding ways to match everything to a harmonic „whole“, proving that everything has its place, if you take the time to really look for it. The collection shows that treating even the smallest piece of ragged fabric with repect can lead to a rich look. The pieces are being accomanied by head wear and jewelry designs by Dilek Himam and Elif Tekcan, who have successfully worked together on Jörn Fröhlich´s Steampunk Couture Collection in 2013."

The entire collection can be seen at the RECLAIM design exhibition from 20.03.-30.03.2017 in Adnan Saygun Cultural Center, Izmir.

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