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fashion design studio | graduation collection | course content and project coordination by Jörn Fröhlich

izmir university of economics | faculty of fine arts & design | dept. of fashion &  textile design

2012/13 reincarnation

The graduation collections of 2012/13 rejuvenate ancient decorative elements from Ottoman culture. Carefully researched artefacts from mythology, calligraphy, tiles and jewelry design, architecture, kaftan garments, warrior, hamam and harem culture lead to creative fashion designs.

The design process focused on a reduction-to-the-core philosophy resulting in a contemporary design language.

The minimization of pattern cuts, draping, fabric manipulations and print designs are subtly reflecting the richness of Ottoman Heritage in arts and crafts.

Jörn Fröhlich, course coordinator | Selin Dartar, part-time instructor

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