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This concept redefines portrait photography by capturing the old and the scarred with an artistic lens, aiming to celebrate imperfections and transcend conventional beauty standards. Scarred, burned and blemished tissue digitally merging into jewelry and ornamental tattoos.

Embracing history's marks, it is inspired by the Ottoman legacy, breathing life into scars, tattoos, and body paintings adorned with intricate Ottoman ornaments and Kufi script. Transforming adversity into beauty, and combining stories of survival with art.

This visual exploration seeks to make peace with the "ugly," redefining it as a testament to strength in life's profound journey.

The scars that mark individual experiences are artistically juxtaposed with the ornate elegance of Ottoman design, forming a poignant unity.

Digitally enhanced the portraits are drawn into the contemporary context of reconciliation.

The concept's core lies in capturing the intrinsic harmony of contrasts – the combination of rugged history and ornate artistry, the convergence of pain and resilience.


Group Exhibition

Atlas Pavillon, Culture Park, Izmir

08.12. - 26.12.2023

by Jörn Fröhlich 2023

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