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Boudoir | sustainable fashion collection by Jörn Fröhlich

Jörn Fröhlich created BOUDOIR  for TURENGLIFESTYLE.COM - a brand celebrating a comfortable yet elegant lifestyle in the spirit of the French rococo (1720-1780) “au boudoir”. BOUDOIR is a sustainable slow-fashion collection with comfortable looks for Spring / Summer, which is produced locally in Izmir (Turkey) with minimal waste from all-organic plant-based raw materials.

BOUDOIR offers innovative oversize cuts with highly adjustable styling options to ensure a maximum of flexible wearability for all occasions. Therefore TURENG offers fashion accessories, shoes and jewelery in collaboration with Turkish designers.

Discover the new elegance of simplicity and smart comfort!

design and pattern-making: Jörn Fröhlich

jewelry design: Seda Orsel | creative assistance: Cansu Incesu | seamstress: Filiz Bulut | photographer: Ersan Celiktas

certified organic and  vegan

materials only!