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fashion design studio | graduation collection | course content and project coordination by Jörn Fröhlich

izmir university of economics | faculty of fine arts & design | dept. of fashion &  textile design

2017/18 new  romanticism

The industrial revolution of the 20th century changed the world with new technologies creating an abstract fear of the unknown. Consequently, people seeked refuge in a romanticized version of the past that manifested itself in art forms based on the gothic revival movement, like Art Nouveau. During the economic recession in Great Britain in 1981 the "New Romantic Wave" created a fashion escape into historical romance.

Today within the scope of the digital revolution, social media spread “alternative facts” nurturing abstract fears of cultural and religious differences. Hence seperatist movements are challenging the idea of peaceful globalization.

The graduation collections of 2018 respond with powerful yet romantic looks celebrating eclectic mixtures of styles from different cultures and times. Anything goes: freedom, positivity, colours! Fabrics, colors and styles are (re)mixed in limitless combinations, classical silhouettes are revived, renewed and deconstructed.

The overall looks are breaking down the boundaries between cultures - creating new romantic dreamscapes in opposition to todays irrational alternative-fact-based nightmares.

Jörn Fröhlich, course coordinator | Arzu Vuruskan, co-lecturer

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