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fashion design studio | graduation collection | course content and project coordination
izmir university of economics | faculty of fine arts & design | dept. of fashion &  textile design

2014/15 storytelling

Fashion in 2014/15 is not so much about garments or looks per-se, but about the stories the designers tell us.
Within the contemporary trend „storytelling“ customers rediscover a liking for old and new stories.

„Storytelling“ as a project joint-venture of costume and fashion has offered students an opportunity to illustrate Oscar Wilde's victorian fairytale “The nightingale and the rose“ by designing of a mini collection of four experimental show pieces, based on one sentence from the story. In the second semester students have turned their work experience and learning from these show pieces into commercial ready-to-wear collections.

Jörn Fröhlich, course coordinator | Paul Scherer, instructor pattern design | Ceren Ege Akca, part-time instructor

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